Pakistan Ideology In View Of QUAID-I-AZAM | Pakistan Ideology In View Of ALLAMA IQBAL | CSS/PCS/PMS

Pakistan Ideology In View Of  QUAID-I-AZAM | Pakistan Ideology In View Of  ALLAMA IQBAL | CSS/PCS/PMS

Pakistan Ideology In View Of  QUAID-I-AZAM | Pakistan Ideology In View Of  ALLAMA IQBAL | CSS/PCS/PMS

Pakistan Ideology In View Of  QUAID-I-AZAM and ALLAMA IQBAL:

A sense of nationality was formed among Muslims before the formation of Pakistan. Their purpose was to protect and promote their identity and interests, and to shape their lives They are in tune with ideas and their philosophy of life without being overwhelmed by a sympathetic majority. The strategy to obtain constitutional guarantees from the British was adopted Most of the cruel Hindus, but because of the antagonistic treatment they have of rivals the goal of a separate state. Islam has been central to promoting development. The role of leadership is very important in getting the nation on the road. Good leadership penetrates the properties of awareness, awareness, mobilization, guidance, and protection opponents. Muslims were lucky enough to have such competent leadership.

Muhammad Ali JINNAH:

Jinnah was an history leader who changed the course of history. He has a visionary leadership, commitment to the issue and the ability to mobilize politically. He was one Charismatic leader in the true sense of the report.


Jinnah played a pivotal role in defining Muslim needs and following strong points the resistance of the Hindus and the British. He began his political career in 1906 when he joined the Indian National Congress. He was elected to the Legislative Council in 1909 and also in 1913 joined the All India Muslim League (AIML). He is now a member of both political parties. If you disagree with Gandhi on the subject of Swaraj (self-regulation), you must enjoy complete freedom Using British and anti-constitutional means, Jinnah resigned from Congress in 1920. His early efforts to advance the Hindu-Muslim unity came when the LUCKNOW PACT was published (1916). Hindus accepted Muslim demands:
• Separate voter
• Third meeting in the central legislature
• protection of minority rights
In the Nehru report, accepted Muslim rights were ignored. Jinnah retaliated violently He showed 14 points in 1929. He defined the Muslim identity and mobilized them with reference Islam and others convinced Muslims to be different from Hindus and Congress. Islamic principles, concepts, and symbols that have emerged in his speeches and statements.

In February 1935, Jinnah (Legislative Assembly) used the term nation for Indian Muslims. SHE argued that the combination of religion, culture, race, arts, music and so on results in a minority SPECIAL UNIT. Bombay declared in March 1936 that Muslims could come to the sort of with the Hindus as TWO nations. In 1937 he declared that there was a third person India, the Muslims. In 1939 he claimed that Muslims and Hindus were two nations and there were lives and plays as a nation:
We are a nation with our own culture and civilization,
language and literature, names and nomenclature, a
values   and ratio, legal laws and moral code, custom and
calendar, history and tradition, abilities and ambitions; in
In short, we have our own distinct perspective on life and life. By
we are all cannon of international law, we are a nation.

Speeches and Statements: 1940-47:

Jinnah believed in the power of Islam because he claimed that Islam was a dynamic force that could unite Islam Muslims. It can help to overcome the current crisis. Motivation and guidance that provide moral foundations, framework, social order and civilization.

A guide and inspiration for constitution making and governance:
He spoke about modern notions of state, constitution, civil and political rights and democracy. He assured that Pakistan's constitution would be determined by the elected assembly.
Modern democratic and Islamic state:
It ensured the equality of citizens and the rights and freedom of religious minorities new state.

Role Of ALLAMA IQBAL In Pakistan Ideology:

Men like Allama Iqbal are born, but for centuries. He was aware of the importance of Islam in life the Muslims. His first public appearance was at the Anjuman Annual Meeting in 1899 Himayat-i-Islam was also in Lahore when he presented the Nala-i-Yatim poem. In the early stages, Dr. Iqbal was nationalist in ideas, and his poetry contained poems such as Tarana-iHind. His poetry was a critique of existing social conditions. He studied in Europe, he knew all the weaknesses of Western culture. He criticized capitalism, materialism and lack spiritism.

IQBAL - Focus on the circumstances of Indian Muslims:
Islam can save Muslims
Islam has always saved the Muslim
Islam is a living and energetic ideology that can
to meet today’s challenges
Islam is to help them overcome their intrinsic qualities
disorder and allows them to overcome external challenges
With Islamic spiritualism
Brainstorming and reinterpretation

Address at the Muslim League Session, Allahabad, December 1930:
I would like to see Punjab, NWFP, Sind, Balochistan
united into a single State as a self - government a
British Empire with or without. This is the ultimate fate
N. W. Muslims in India.

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