Pakistan versus al-Qaeda | Current Affairs | CSS/PCS/PMS/IAS

Pakistan versus al-Qaeda | Current Affairs | CSS/PCS/PMS/IAS

Pakistan versus al-Qaeda | Current Affairs | CSS/PCS/PMS/IAS

Pakistan versus al-Qaeda:

Recently wrote that the Government of Pakistan approved the Taliban government in Afghanistan in international fora; but that made him president Musharraf and the team of corps commanders made the decision in just a few days support the United States against the Taliban and start the latter as a not a source of strategic depth, but a source of threat to national security Indian aggression. In reality, the United States did not choose Pakistan much more: yes you can choose to stand against the US or against it - without being a gray area of   neutrality.

Pakistan would also face a threat to India if Pakistan were to occur it refused to cooperate with the US, and India did otherwise. In that case if agreeing US support, Pakistan provided unprecedented support to US forces: first during the war to overthrow the Taliban in Afghanistan and then in the long run a drawn out war against the remains of al-Qaeda. Effectiveness of measures However, the Pakistani government's commitment remains a matter of serious debate. This chapter analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of this question.

The Pakistani government's efforts against the al-Qa'ida terrorist The threat has produced concrete results. Since September 2001 the The Government of Pakistan has arrested some 600 al-Qaeda agents foreign militants.They were terrorists occupied by Pakistani authorities major arrests such as Abu Zubayda (Faisalabad, March 2002), Khalid Sheikh Mohammad (March 2003, Rawalpindi) and Abu Faraj al-Libbi (Mardan, May 2005) .Pakistan has also contributed to the freezing of bank accounts of all banks. Kaida and related welfare organizations such as the Al-Rasheed Trust and the a Rabeta Trust. The government has taken action against al Qaeda in Pakistan The federally administered ethnic group (FATA).

First means that local reports of Pakistani troops captured in the area. By In February 2005, the Pakistani military carried out 44 operations in FATA of which 223 military personnel were killed and 503 injured. The operations 302 terrorists killed and 663 arrested (44 of them) wounded in combat) .While Pakistani forces were successful the capture and killing of some Chechen and Uzbek terrorists some in the operations of FATA, Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri is still large. Tahir Yuldashev, leader of the Islamic Movement He was injured in an operation in Uzbekistan but managed to escape at the time of writing, Pakistani soldiers are still in FATA and are still there access to all former "free areas" - approximately 8,250 square kilometers - to control terrorist activity: unprecedented situation in the situation.About 10,000 to 12,000 military personnel will be deployed a day region.

The US has recognized its role many times Pakistan in the war on terror, or more precisely in the war on al-Qaeda and its terrorist network. Here are some reasons why the US is praising Pakistan the role of managing al-Qaeda is obvious. Capture of al-Qaeda Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan, who later led to the arrest of Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani has revealed terrible facts about the types of al-Qaeda attacks planned. Some very accurate information about goals in the United States The United Kingdom and the United States have been recovered from these individuals, and so it is it is quite likely that an attack was made against the targets, if not arrested. A Pakistani military official calls for al-Qaeda attack plan Heathrow Airport is flawless.

Role of the Government of Pakistan in international control Terrorism shone again when three of the four bombers on July 7th The London bombings of 2005, in which 56 people were killed and more than 700 injured, it turned out that there were ethnic Pakistanis of British descent who had traveled to Pakistan and attended radical religious seminars.based on Abu's questioning Faraj al-Libbi and data on Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan's computer, a Pakistani authorities say they have warned the United Kingdom about the attacks that are expected in May In 2005, however, they were not able to provide the UK with accurate information on the timetable or targets of attacks.

In short, the Pakistani government has tried to do its best to  control religionsto radicalize Pakistan and prevent it from endangering the world, but the international network has proved resilient. It's not just about the importance of coordinated international efforts against extreme terrorism, but and the role that Pakistan should play in it. A. Strengthening of capacity Pakistan's security equipment is increasingly relevant.

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