What is Islam | Islam Definition and Meanging | CSS/PCS/PMS

What is Islam | Islam Definition and Meaning | CSS/PCS/PMS

ISLAM: Definition And Meaning

What is Islam | Islam Definition and Meaning | CSS/PCS/PMS


The religious belief of the Muslims, based on the words and religious system established by the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and taught by the Qur'an, which is based on the absolute and subordinate submission of Allah, the unique and personal God.


The Arabic word Islam literally means "surrender" or "submission." Islam, by faith, means total and the sincere surrender to God so that one can live in peace and quiet. Peace (Salami in Arabic) it is accomplished through active obedience to the revealed commandments of God, for God is the Right, Peace. The name Islam is universal in meaning. Islam does not bear the name of a tribe of people or a person, whereas Judaism is named after the tribe of Judah, Christianity after Christ and Buddhism after the Buddha. Islam is not a name chosen by human beings; it was divine communication from God.

Islam According to Quran:

There is no compulsion to accept religion. The right path is revealed from evil. Whoever, therefore, does not believe in the Taghut and does not believe in Allah, interferes with the most meaningful intervention without interference. God hears and knows.
The Quran 02:256 (Surah al-Baqarah)

In fact, from the perspective of Allah, religion is Islam. And those who received the Scriptures did not differ from each other until knowledge came to them - because of jealous hostility between them. And whoever believes in the verses of Allah, indeed Allah will soon consider it.
The Quran 03:19 (Surah al-Imran)

It is forbidden to strangle dead animals, blood, swine and other animals other than Allah, and to strangle or strike animals or long heads or horns, except those eaten by wild animals. that you can cut off [before he dies], and those sacrificed on stone altars, and [forbidden] to make decisions with draw arrows. This is gross disobedience. Nowadays, those who do not believe have longed to overcome your religion; don't be afraid of them, but be afraid of me. On this day, I have perfected your religion, completed my desire for you, and approved for you the Islamic religion. But who is forced by severe hunger and unwilling to sin, Allah is truly forgiving and merciful.
The Quran 05:03 (Surah al-Ma’idah)

And this is really your religion, only one religion and I am your Lord, so you are afraid of me. "
The Quran 23:52 (Surah al-Mu’minun)

They think it is a form of acceptance of Islam. "Islam is not my favorite," she says. Instead, God gives you a grace that she will make you believe if it is true.
The Quran 49:17 (Surah al-Hujurat)

Islam is a global belief, not East or West. Islam is the totality of a whole way of life obedience to God. It is called a Muslim who voluntarily gives his will to God. it was not Muhammad but Adam who first brought Islam into humanity. 
Then each of the prophets and Messenger encouraged people to understand God's commandments. OK offered relevant teachings at that time until God chose the ultimate prophet Muhammad with whom he came the last covenant called the Qur'an. 
Allah is an Arabic word which means, "The only true God" is the one whose name is right created the heavens and the earth. For a Muslim, Allah is the largest and most comprehensive name To God, who denotes who they worship, who has created all that exists.

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