Solar energy, wind energy, gravitational energy, geothermal energy They are renewable sources of bio-energy.

Solar Energy:

Plants use solar energy for photosynthesis. Solar panels are now Used to absorb solar energy for heating water Industrial uses; Sunscreens are used for cooking. And solar photo vol (S.V.) Cells that convert solar energy into electricity They are used even in homes, on the streets and in villages. Solar power plants (photovoltaic plants) are already established in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Jaija, Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan To repair solar energy.

Wind Energy:

Wind energy is also clean and renewable. It does not cause any pollution and therefore has great potential for the future. It is used for boiling, generating water or generating electricity. Wind power is the fastest-growing renewable energy sector in our country (Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Rajasthan), with over 13,000 MW of renewable energy.

Hydel Energy:

Hydraulic power involves the use of water or water fall power. It is used to run turbines that convert water's kinetic energy into electricity. Hydroelectric power is a very clean energy source with no atmospheric pollution from atmospheric gases (carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, etc.).

Geothermal Energy:

Geothermal energy refers to the heat energy created and stored on earth. The center of the earth is very hot, and this has been seen by volcanic eruptions in many parts of the world. This hot core, volcanic activity, and decay of radioactive minerals are the main sources of this geothermal energy.

Of these, America is the leading manufacturer of electricity From the force applied at 3086 MW (2010), the Philippines,
Indonesia, Yemen, Mexico and Italy. There are over 20 countries in World Assembly geothermal energy for electricity generation. There are over 350 spring sites in India, especially in the north Western Himalayas and the western coast. Pag valley in Ladakh Range (J&K) has a very promising geothermal field and experiment The power plant is operating in this region. Hot water tanks b They have been washing and cooking food for thousands of years in the popular area The Holiday Center Sherry Badrinhead and Yamanieri (Uttarakhand). They said: a The number of hot springs in the Manira (Himachal Pradesh).

Biomass Energy:

Bioas power is a renewable source of energy because it is derived from plants Material and animal waste that you can find continuously. The principal Biomill sources are plants, animal waste, bioluminescent municipality Waste, waste wood, paper and sugar industries, agricultural waste, etc. Biomass can be used as a direct source of energy for heating, cooking, etc. Or, like BioAs, Beyuuuil, Singapore, Inter alia.

For the production of organic garbage biogas for domestic production or Community use. Biofilms are manufactured from petroleum products to fuels To reduce our dependence on fossil fuels (biothanol or bio-diesel) And to reduce the pollution of the atmosphere. Syngas originates from bio-capable municipal solid waste in Combustion processes and gas processes. There is a need to reduce this Energy efficiency by improving our energy efficiency - electricity Our transportation system, our buildings, etc.

for example, The cooling bulb makes it as wasteful as 95% of the electricity The more effective CFL tubes are cured. Likewise our current engine Vehicles make up 86 to 90% of the energy (fuel) as heat. This is a waste of energy Due to global warming and climate change.

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